Brownback pushing animal ag expansion

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Gov. Sam Brownback stepped into the livestock arena Wednesday to explore options for expanding by hundreds of millions of dollars investment in beef, dairy and pork industries in Kansas.

The subject struck at the heart of the administration’s seventh economic development summit in Garden City. The objective was to define strategy for broadening Kansas’ share of animal agriculture production in the United States.

“I just want to see us put that on steroids and grow it,”¬†the governor said.

Brownback, a Topeka Republican serving his first year as governor, said reform of the state’s regulatory and legal framework for the agriculture industry and the availability of land and water resources could attract new investment to Kansas.

He said recent expansion of dairying in western Kansas could be replicated by redevelopment of poultry production in the state.

Animal production decisions made in Kansas increasingly will reflect demands of export markets rather than domestic consumers, he said.

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