Sesame set for second year of success for growers

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Seed grower Nick Wilson, who farms near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, achieved an overall yield seed of 4.6t/ha (1.9t/acre) from his Sesame oilseed rape last season, with yields touching the golden number of 5t/ha on the main parts of his field.

This season, Nick’s crop looks set fair to equal or exceed that yield and he is looking for a 5 tonne result across the whole of his 12ha (29.7acre) crop.
“As seed growers of course we give our crops a bit more care – but they have to have the yield potential there – and I am really thrilled with the way my Sesame looks as we head for harvest.

“We had the usual battle with pigeons in the winter, but it grew away well and by spring there was no visible sign left. Also the Sesame was not badly affected by frost damage.

“As with last year, our Sesame flowered early, and kept flowering over a long period – and from flowering into podding it has stayed very clean in line with its claimed disease resistance.”
Paul Nickerson of Ebbage Seeds, who work with breeders LSPB on marketing the variety, adds: “Nick’s positive view is echoed by our other seed growers and by commercial growers.

“Sesame topped the HGCA oilseed rape Recommended List for 2011. Now we are getting very good feedback to suggest that it will reinforce its position as a high-yielding and agronomically robust variety as we look towards harvest and the 2011-12 sowing season.”


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